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Select this role if you are creating customized musical arrangements and sheet music for musical ensembles (e.g., marching bands, show choirs, orchestras, A Capella groups, and drum corps).

Select this role if you are the director of a musical ensemble, such as a marching band, show choir, orchestra, A Capella group, etc. This role will allow you to create, view, and obtain music licensing requests (e.g., custom arrangement, synchronization, and adaptive licensing requests) for your ensemble(s) only.

Select this role if you represent a video production company who records musical acts and needs to obtain Sync licensing.

Select this role only if you represent an organization that rents symphonic/orchestral sheet music/musical arrangements for use by college, university, or professional symphonies. Do not select this role if you are a director of a symphony or other performing act, or an arranger who is creating the musical charts. This is reserved for the representatives of packaging organizations.

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